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Position Descriptions

SCPA are revitalising the Bega Produce Markets and are looking for people who love farmers and producers markets and would love to get involved. There are a number of different roles we are looking to fill and they are detailed below.


Market Coordinator

The role of Market Coordinator covers a few different aspects. The primary job of the Market Coordinator is to manage and oversee the running of the weekly Friday produce markets. Putting out and packing up road-side signs and flags, opening & closing required power boxes, managing bi-monthly positional changes, and coordinating new stallholders. The secondary job of the Market Coordinator is to simply keep in touch with all other sub-coordinators regarding their specific roles. The other roles of the Market Coordinator is to be the markets liaison with Bega Valley Shire Council, ensuring adherence to the Market Policy document by stallholders, be the first port of call for incoming enquiries, and to provide a written monthly report to the SCPA Executive for their general meetings.

Special Events Coordinator

This role is for a person to plan and execute special events at the Bega Produce Markets. These events could be monthly (an event at one market per month), or seasonally (a Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter event), or solstice/equinox based. The Special Events Coordinators job is to come up with special event themes and to organise and promote them (with the aid of both the Promotions & Marketing Coordinators found below).

Finance & Reporting Coordinator

This role is for a person to collect weekly market stallholder fees and issuing receipts to each stallholder, making payments to Bega Valley Shire Council for market fees due, banking Markets money collected, and creating a brief finance report to be issued to the Market Coordinator for inclusion in the monthly Market report to the SCPA executive.

Media & Promotions Coordinator

This role is for a person savvy with media, promotions and advertising. To make contact with various media outlets (Radio, Newspaper, SCPA News, Online Community Groups etc) and to provide continual content promoting the Bega Produce Markets, especially for the Special Event markets. This role would work closely with the Print & Online Marketing Coordinator.

Print & Online Marketing Coordinator

This role is for a person to design, print, create and distribute visual marketing of the Bega Produce Markets. This person would be creating and maintaining the printing and placement of posters around the area, as well as being a social media manager creating Facebook and Instagram content to promote each weeks markets, especially for the Special Event markets. This role would work closely with the Media & Promotions Coordinator.

Website Management

This role would be for a person to keep the SCPA Markets Satellite website up to date. Updating the site with upcoming market dates, promoting the Special Event markets, keeping the list of Stallholders current, and to come up with initial content for any of the other pages needed on the site.


If you love the Bega Produce Markets, have some spare time, and are interested in one of these roles, send an email to to let us know.

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